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Focus on R&D and production of various high-precision, low-noise bearing manufacturers The production base is located in the three major economic
centers of Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningbo

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R & D team R & D team

Focusing on the design and development of various ball bearings, we can customize solutions for non-standard sizes, high and low temperature resistance, different speeds and special structural bearings for customers according to different requirements of customers.

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stable quality Stable quality

The company is equipped with first-class production equipment, almost demanding process management, and complete testing methods to ensure the stability of the factory products.

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Serve attentively Serve attentively

The company's major regions are equipped with professional sales teams, which can provide customers with professional technical services at any time, and provide bearing solutions under various extreme working conditions.

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Yuhuan BearingSeiko Manufacturing

Inheritance of craftsmanship, quality of ingenuity

High accuracy
High accuracy

High accuracy

The vacuum degassed bearing steel processing technology has low oxygen content and higher purity, which can make the product rotate more evenly and improve the service life

long lasting

long lasting

Heat treatment process, enhance steel hardness, retain toughness, high limit speed, life of more than 20,000 hours, reduce replacement costs

Low coefficient of friction

Low coefficient of friction

Small starting torque swing, can bear large axial load, high/low temperature resistance, reduce wear rate and reduce maintenance cost

High to low noise

High to low noise

2-5w revolutions per minute, the noise can be as low as 23 decibels, ultra-quiet, and improve the experience of the finished product


Focus on bearing production customization

Profound strength and strong production capacity

The factory covers an area of 10,000 square meters and has 40 first-class fully automatic production lines with a monthly production capacity of more than 5 million sets.

2Military industry
The technology is mature and can meet the
different needs of customers

The company is equipped with metallographic analyzers, profilometers, five rotation accuracy testers and bearing life laboratories, etc., which can comprehensively control from raw materials to finished products, and is equipped with strict quality control system to ensure the stability of the factory products. sex. The professional and strong R&D and design team can also provide customers with bearing solutions under various extreme conditions.

Perfect service, guaranteed after-sale

The customer service team 7*12 real-time online answers to deal with customer pre-sale, in-process and post-sale questions. Provide free technical guidance for bearing use, long-term cooperation with logistics units, to ensure delivery speed and product timeliness


Focus on Yuhuan Bearings and understand the real-time dynamics of bearings

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The working principle of rolling bearing is to replace sliding friction with rolling friction, and its structure is generally a mechanical base composed of two rings, a set of rolling elements and a cage. Due to the different working conditions of rolling【Check】


Bearing shares with you the co

1. The bearing temperature is too high. When the machine is running, the part where the deep groove ball bearing is installed is allowed to have a certain temperature. When stroking the shell of the mechanism, it should be normal that it does not feel hot【Check】


How to avoid damage to bearing

With small to medium motors for most of the shaft currents that exist, bearing guard rings are handy! We have talked a lot about the shaft current of the motor, and specific measures include the use of absolute【Check】


What are the common bearing we

The common failure forms of rolling bearings are bearing raceways, rolling elements, cages, seat holes or the shaft diameter of the mounted bearing, etc., and surface wear caused by mechanical reasons. Common wear failure phenomena are summarized. 1. Wear【Check】

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Common problems and

Common problems and

Strong metal volume 1. Abnormal load: choose proper assembly clearance and preload. 2. Poor assembly: Improve the machining accuracy of the shaft and improve the installation method. 3. Insufficient lubricant: supplement or use appropriate lubricant. Rule【Check】

About Yuhuan

Dongguan Yuhuan Bearing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as TVI Bearing) is a manufacturer specializing in R&D and production of various types of high-precision, low-noise bearings. The production base is located in the three major economic centers of Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningbo, and the largest bearing R&D and production center in China----Ningbo, Zhejiang. TVI bearings are widely used in various types of motors, pumps, household appliances, power tools and other industries. Advanced intelligent production lines, micron-accurate detection tools, automated dust-free assembly workshops, and high-performance ultra-essential essential oil centralized filtration equipment all show that this is a modern production enterprise with strength, vitality and energy.

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